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Protect your home from wild animals

Wild animals can carry diseases like distemper, mange, and rabies. Aside from disease, they can also carry ticks, fleas, and mites on their

fur and can bring them into your yard or worse, your home. Many times, wildlife such as rodents, raccoons, and squirrels enter your house through attics or exterior vents. These wild animals can cause major structural damage to your house.


When you have a wild animal on your property that is threatening the safety of your family or the destruction of your home, call Archer Pest Control, Inc. to help resolve the problem. Our experienced and educated technicians are licensed by the Pennsylvania State Game Commission

to help you guard your home against animal intrusion.

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Keep the wildlife outside where it belongs

Some of the common wild animals we deal with are:

•  Groundhogs

•  Skunks

•  Oppossums

•  Raccoons

•  Squirrels


When you suspect a wildlife problem at your home, Archer Pest Control, Inc.

will perform an initial inspection to conclude where and how the animal entered your home. After that, your technician will set cages to humanely remove and relocate the animal.


Once the animal has safely been extracted from your home, Archer Pest Control, Inc. can install chimney caps to prevent recurrence of the intrusion.

We also provide rabies testing and pest exclusion services when necessary.

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